I am teaching myself to code with no formal training.
Here you can follow my journey!

A Great Burden

March 19, 2013

Welcome to my first entry into this blog. You may believe this blog is for you, but it is for me. A place to hone in my skills, and apply the new techniques I am learning. As I get better, this blog will get better!
I have no former knowledge of programming, and currently work in a sales position.
Here is where I am starting. I went out and bought Head First HTML and CSS 2nd edition. Click the picture to link to the book on amazon!

Head First

I just finished chapter 3 in the book and this is what I am able to do so far without looking back at the book. So far this blog has no CSS in it, so it will stay ugly until I am more able!

Second Entry for the Day

My link did not work, nor did the picture that was supposed to contain the link. Not sure why yet, hopefully I find out soon. Here is what Head First HTML CSS looks like

Head First.
I may have also fixed the code above, lets see!

Third Entry for the day

I just uploaded my page to a web hosting company (Ipage.com) Though I have read some poor reviews of their service, it is cheap and it should serve my needs. Now that I have previewed my page, both pictures are not showing up, but the link is still working. I will look into the issue here later, my path must be incorrect. Right now I have to run out. One more post before the night is over. I assure you this blog will become more interesting as time moves along.

March 20, 2013

I am now live on the internet, though my site is still very ugly (hopefully we can can change that in the next few weeks). I'm going to go ahead and try to add another picture, just to be sure that it is working possibly.

let's go ahead and create a second page for the website. Hopefully this works properly .

The new page works and so do the images on it, thats a start, but they are all different sizes! We need uniformity on this site, luckily my next chapter has to do with image sizing!

I also learned a few new tags and attributes. I now find myself thirsting for more. The best part of learning this, is the instant gratification of hitting the refresh button. I've always been quite impartial to the small button, now I have grown quite fond of that little guy.
Hawks are on. It is time to watch my boys take on the mighty Ducks!

Hawks vs. Ducks
Andrew Shaw

March 21, 2013

Well here we go with a new day. Late start today. I am just getting into the code now, hopefully I can add some new features to this blog! I have a picture in my head, I just need to know how to paint it on the inter web. Perhaps I should learn how to put some code in the margins. Update coming soon.
Hawks lost yesterday in a thrilling game against the ducks. They are my only concern in the playoffs. Hossa would have made all the difference in that game.
Marian Hossa

Second Entry

A lot of CSS right now. The page is looking better. HTML and CSS seem fairly simple. I find myself moving faster than the book at this point (I would consider this a sign that this is a good book). I am now entering chapter 9, which seems that it will be a more in-depth look at elements (seeming as the title is Getting Intimate with Elements).

she's all that

She's All that is on in the background. I don't believe this movie was made to be a comedy , but it is definitely a comedy in todays world.

March 23, 2013

A little more CSS in my life. Star Wars background, rounded borders and I transferred all of my CSS into a style sheet. Things are moving fairly smoothly. Getting a background image took a bit, but I have a good grasp on it now.
May the Force be With You

March 23, 2013

It's 6:30, and I am just getting into my studies now. I now know the use of: id, class, div and span. These Very useful. I just do not see anywhere yet to apply them to this blog. I would like to add some additional pages in that will make this blog more fun. More on that by the end of the book. This book teaches well, I cannot wait to move on to JavaScript.

Second Entry

I am going to mess with layouts for a bit. I do not have time right now. This looks pretty bad, but I need to learn to better use the float property in CSS. I have to go now, but will revisit this tomorrow.

March 26, 2013

No coding yesterday. I did a lot of reading though. I am adding a side column to this page (not sure what to put there yet), and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to fix the borders between the elements on my page (create a gutter). Turns out, it is as simple as pulling the paragraphs margins in. A new way to look at design, I love the problem solving aspect of writing code.
I am just about done with my HTML/CSS book. Though I am not fully proficient by any means, I believe I am going to move on to a new language. "but Matt, theres such a bright future for you in HTML and CSS." Perhaps there was in the 90's, but now I must finish designing this website and learn a new language. What language? you ask? Ruby That's right I am moving on to Ruby (permitting I can comprehend what I am learning). I understand Java script would be a natural progression from CSS, but I have read that it is harder to learn Ruby if you have learned Java.
I'm going to finish out the design of this blog, and start my journey into Ruby. "but Matt, we are going to miss your infections writing!" Not to worry, I will continue to post about my journey on this blog.

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